Is powder coated galvanized iron durable?



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Is powder coated galvanized iron durable?

Paint product samples born thanks to modern invention technology with the advantage of being durable, beautiful, widely applied in today's economy, can not fail to mention is electrostatic paint.

However, talking about powder-coated galvanized iron, not everyone is well-versed in it. So what is powder coating? What are some characteristics of electrostatic paint? Find out more details below.
What is electrostatic paint?

Powder coating is the secret to coating a layer of paint on the surface of a product by electrostatic attraction. The good point of powder coating is that it is more durable than traditional paint, the surface is more beautiful and saves more materials.

Powder coating was first introduced in North America in the 1960s. And to date, powder coating has accounted for 15% of the total industrial coatings market and is widely used in several industries large and small. different.

The powder coating market can also tell more and more about product samples, color quality, ... to meet the increasingly popular needs of users.

Powder coating includes 2 lines dry and wet, each model has its own characteristics and depending on production needs:

  • Dry powder coating: is the use of powder coating, usually applied to metal products of iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. With dry powder coating technique with good points, you will recover the paint part. redundant when making, reuse, save price and safe for the environment
  • Wet powder coating: used for plastic, wood, metal samples. The good thing about this line is that it can stick to a wider range of materials, but requires a solvent. The ability to reuse and recover is poor, causing environmental pollution from residual solvents and higher implementation costs.

Most people now use dry powder coating because the efficiency of powder spraying systems is much higher than that of solvent or water-based paint. Moreover, the ability to recover and reuse the excess paint is up to 90%. In addition, electrostatic powder spraying achieves greater coverage because the powder can cover most of the edges and surfaces of the part not directly with the spray gun.
Compare powder coating and regular paint

The main difference between a conventional liquid paint and a powder coating coating is that powder coating does not require a solvent to keep the binders and additives in a liquid form. Coatings typically use static electricity and are then heated through a fire to allow it to flow and form a "coating". It is often used to create a more difficult coating material than conventional paint. The powder-coated finish offers resistance to chipping, scratching and corrosion.

Powder coating is mainly used for coating metal samples, such as "household electrical appliances", cars, trucks and motorcycle parts. It accounts for more than 15% of the total industrial finishing market, powder coating is used on a wide range of products. Used for both protective and decorative functions, powder coatings are virtually available in an infinitely complete range of colors and textures, and advanced science has resulted in excellent performance properties.
What are the disadvantages of powder coating?

As a company owner and an organization specializing in consulting on electrostatic painting lines, your question is "what are the disadvantages of powder coating? Then we insist that there are no downsides. You are always looking for ways to improve profits and create premium products. Powder coating speculation is a smart way for companies to apply coatings to metals to improve efficiency, reduce costs and grow to be more environmentally friendly.
Is electrostatic paint durable?

It is certain to users that the durability of this coating technology is superior to that of traditional paint solutions. Besides, the selling price will be higher than most previous paint techniques. Moreover, the coating film is relatively hard and not flexible.
Powder coating process includes 4 basic steps as follows:

Step 1: Clean the product

To create a quality finished product requires steps to clean grease, dirt and remove rust to get the best grip.

Below are the necessary solvents and chemicals for product cleaning including tanks:

– Water washing tank

– Surface shaping chemical tank.

– Acid rust removal tank

– Surface phosphate chemical storage tank.

- Chemical degreasing tank.

Step 2: Drying

The product after being cleaned will be put into the surface drying oven.

Step 3: Powder coating

After transferring the product from the drying oven, starting to conduct electrostatic spraying.

Step 4: Dry shaping

After the electrostatic solvent layer has adhered to the surface, proceed to put the product into the drying chamber for complete drying of the product at the appropriate temperature.



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