What is electrostatic paint – What is this paint used for?



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What is electrostatic paint – What is this paint used for?

Definition Powder coating

Powder coating is a popular coating technology today, this technology uses electronic principles to create adhesion to the paint film.

Based on powder coating powder is positively charged, and metal surface is negatively charged.

According to the principle of electric current, the positive charge (+) is always closely associated with the charge (-). Therefore, the quality of the paint layer is always uniform and firmly attached to the surface. Please note that electrostatic spraying is only suitable for metal surfaces.
Application for electrostatic painting

As are the inherent characteristics of powder coatings, they are only suitable for metal surfaces. Therefore, this type of coating technology is often used in household and industrial machinery. We can mention its applications as

  • Application in painting galvanized steel shelves.
  • Application in painting iron and steel fences.
  • Application in painting iron gates and aluminum gates.
  • Application in painting ovens, industrial fans.
  • Application in painting metal hammock frames.
  • Application in painting steel door frames...

sơn tĩnh điện áp dụng vào rất nhiều chi tiết công nghiệp đem lại độ bền cao

Powder coating applied to many industrial parts provides high durability

Analyze the benefits of using powder coating compared to other types of paint
+ Powder coating helps save costs:

Thoroughly use powder coating during use. Save time on decorating metal surfaces.
+ Durable electrostatic paint

Longevity and gloss, durable similar to oil paint, industrial epoxy paint. No corrosion by oxidizing chemicals. Protect metal surfaces safely.
+ Powder coating is safe for humans and environmentally friendly

Ensuring the health of the user, being environmentally friendly, that's why we should use electrostatic paint compared to other types of paint.
What is the concept of electrostatic powder coating?

Powder coating is an important and necessary ingredient in the electrostatic painting process. This powder is produced according to Japanese standard technology.

Powder coating powder

bột sơn tĩnh điện

Powder coating is an important component in the electrostatic painting process

They have strong adhesion, as well as very high adhesion. More special with glossy paint film, rich variety of colors. Durability against sun and rain, as well as inclement weather.
Instructions on how to best preserve powder coating powder:

Note that the kit should be kept in a dry place, avoiding contact with water.

The place to store powder coating must be below 30 degrees Celsius.

+ In the process of arranging transportation, do not stack paint boxes more than 5 boxes.

+ Once the package has been opened, tie the bag tightly with a string to avoid contact with the air.
Some popular types of electrostatic powder coating today

Powder coating is classified into many different product lines to be suitable for use in different environments. Some of the paint systems we mention to our readers are Polyester, Polyurethane, epoxy, hydrid, Acrylic, etc.
So is the powder coating durable?

I assure you that the durability of this coating technology is superior to that of traditional coating solutions. However, the cost will be much higher than previous coating technologies. Moreover, the coating film is quite hard and not flexible.

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